Tzinah Under-Grande Session Five Crescent, Black/Tuesday, Never, Robert David, Mulov, Javier Labarca, Gogue, Hoff, Eidan, Origins Of Time Release Date 13 Aug 2019
Trustului 10 (Original Mix)
Guessing Game (Original Mix)
Topos (Original Mix)
Primus (Original Mix)
Obscur (Original Mix)
Safala (Original Mix)
Resonant (Original Mix)
Inecsatt (Original Mix)
Breez (Original Mix)
Flush (Original Mix)
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Lucy in Trouble EP incl. Diego Santana Black/Tuesday, Diego Santana Release Date 30 Jul 2019
Arrival at Trolis (Original Mix)
Lucy in Trouble (Original Mix)
Aura (Original Mix)
Aura (Primarie Remix)
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Purple Perception EP Sebastian Paiza Release Date 09 Jul 2019
Prana (Original Mix)
Purceptor (Original Mix)
SP222 (Original Mix)
SP222 (KiRiK Remix)
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Cristalltepe 35 EP Reclame Release Date 18 Jun 2019
35Years In Acido (Original Mix)
Lottareltepe (Original Mix)
Vocerosa (Original Mix)
Vocerosa (Tulbure Remix)
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Imaginations EP Incl. Gorbani, Sebastian Eric Crescent, Gorbani Release Date 21 May 2019
3 A.M (Original Mix)
Pergament (Original Mix)
Imaginations (Original Mix)
Imaginations (Sebastian Eric Remix)
Imaginations (Vst1 Version - Bonus Unreleased)
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VA - Tzinah Diving Deep Session Three VLF, Farao, Dragusanu, He did, Sebastian Eric, Turturu, Mera, Tiril, Laza Stojanovic, EMEE, Primarie Release Date 23 Apr 2019
Primaraza (Original Mix)
UnknownOne (Original Mix)
Lion's Shadow (Original Mix)
Solo El Sabe (Original Mix)
Always There (Original Mix)
Psycho Love (Original Mix)
Carl's Delusion (Original Mix)
Waves (Original Mix)
Way Back (Original Mix)
Pins (Original Mix)
Langa Pescarie (Original Mix)
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Red Sunshine EP Avidel Release Date 09 Apr 2019
Quieres (Original Mix)
Vellichor (Original Mix)
Several Hours (Original Mix)
Red Sunshine (Original Mix)
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Strawberry Effects Sebastian Eric Release Date 26 Mar 2019
New Option (Original Mix)
Strawberry Effects (Original Mix)
Not This Time (Original Mix)
Not This Time (Primarie Remix)
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Art Gallery EP Dragusanu Release Date 19 Feb 2019
Analog 13 (Original Mix)
White Ghost (Original Mix)
Art Gallery (Original Mix)
Art Gallery (BRYZ Remix)
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Prey at Night EP Paradoxal Release Date 29 Jan 2019
Prey at Night (Original Mix)
Mysteryous Stake (Original Mix)
Sixieme Ange (Original Mix)
Sixieme Ange (Primarie Remix)
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BRYZ - Morning Light Original Mix
BRYZ - Solar Original Mix
Sebastian Eric - Not This Time Original Mix
Mihai Pol - Nu Te Supara Frate Original Mix
Zgaav - Balearic Original Mix
Malini - Dis Original Mix
Vern - Frames Original Mix
Mera - Poison Fruit Dragutesku Remix
Vincent Casanova - Retrograder Original Mix
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